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A train from China to Poland: first time without transshipment at the ...


A train from China to Poland: first time without transshipment at the border (according to the PKP LHS LLC)


波兰PKP LHS公司董事长在列车抵达仪式上发言,列车经过西向最长的宽轨路线,并安全快速抵达波兰。因此,PKP LHS可以为客户提供提供更多的物流线路选择,符合PKP LHS致力于提供多样化的运输方式和路线的战略方向。

据悉,线路运营各方已经为中国到波兰斯瓦夫库夫的线路做了7年的前期工作。其中,波方工作由PKP LHS负责,中方由西安自贸港建设运营有限公司负责,也包括来自哈萨克斯坦、俄罗斯、乌克兰物流合作方,该线路将确保由西安到斯瓦夫库夫的列车运行时间在10-12天之间。


PKP LHS公司董事长还对公司上下员工7年来的成绩表示祝贺。2018年,中国出口的波兰的商品总额达到310亿美元,即使只有1%的货物经过斯瓦夫库夫,对于PKP LHS及当地的影响也是不可估量的。

作为PKP LHS公司宽轨铁路的终点站,斯瓦夫库夫场站是一个现代化的集装箱专业场站,连接着波兰的格但斯克、司瓦任茨、意大利的马达罗尼、德国的斯瓦茨海德等城市。



A container train from China loaded with 45 40-foot containers arrived at the Hrubieszów LHS station in Poland on 5 January 2020 – for the first time without transshipment at the border.

The train route ran from Xian, located in the central part of China, through Kazakhstan, Russia, Ukraine to the destination station of Sławków (Poland). The train was dispatched on 24 December 2019, after which, having covered a distance of almost 9.5 thousand km, 12 days later it arrived at the Euroterminal Sławków, where the containers were reloaded onto 1435-mm gauge flat wagons and onto road vehicles to be further delivered to the target recipients in the EU countries.

“I am glad that the train quickly and safely arrived in Poland using the longest west-bound railway enclave with a wide gauge. Thanks to this, we expand our commercial offers in the field of transportation and logistics, adding new intermodal products. This is part of the company's strategy, which is aimed at diversifying the delivery process and its routes”, noted Zbigniew Tracichleb, Chairman of the Board of PKP LHS LLC, speaking at the ceremony dedicated to the train arrival.

The link launched from China to Sławków has resulted from a several-year work on this project. The cooperation established between the PKP LHS LLC and the Xian Free Trade Port Construction and Operation Co. Ltd., as well as logistics partners from Kazakhstan, Russia and Ukraine, will ensure the launch of regular routes from Xian to the station of Sławków LHS with a delivery period of 10 to 12 days.

“The selection of the LHS broad gauge line was determined by its advantages, to include, inter alia: no need for transshipment at the European Union’s border, the ability to receive the longest container trains in Europe up to 950 m long, as well as the potential of the Euroterminal Sławków. This is a logistics center with a high potential for further distribution of the goods arriving from China, their concentration and dispatch in the opposite direction. Sławków is also the beginning of the Trans-Caspian TMTM route, which provides a convenient opportunity for exporting food products and, thus, balancing freight flows to China. I am convinced that both routes will play an important role in the development of railway transport on the New Silk Road”, added Dariusz Sikora, Member of the Board for Commerce and Operation of PKP LHS LLC.

“I want to express my sincere congratulations to the management board and all employers of the PKP LHS LLC on the success achieved as a result of several-year activities. In 2018, imports from China to Poland amounted to $ 31 billion. If only 1% of these goods could pass through Sławków, this would be a serious impetus for further development of the PKP LHS and the entire region”, continued Member of the Board of the PKP JSC Mirosław Antonowicz at the train arrival ceremony held on 7 January 2020 at the Euroterminal Sławków.

Located at the final station of the broad-gauge LHS line, the Euroterminal Slawkow represents a modern container terminal serving regular railway routes connecting Slawkow with the cities of Gdansk, Swarzędz (Poland), Maddaloni (Italy) and Schwarzheide (Germany).

The population of Xian is 13 million people. Xian is an important economic center with developed enterprises of various industrial sectors – high-tech, engineering, electrical and metallurgical. The city is also the former capital of China, where the historic Silk Road began. Xian is currently the fastest growing dry port and logistics center on the New Silk Road.

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