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Chengdu’s First Voyage through the New western Land-Sea Corridor


CHENGDU DAILY latest report on 2019.8.28


A shipment of small commodities cleared Customs by “Market Trade Purchases mode, successfully arrived at Port Singapore on August 28 2019. This is the FIRST shipment that set off from Chengdu ChengXiang Stop by train via the new western land-sea corridor to Port Qinzhou of Guangxi Province and took the carrier to the destination Singapore. The accomplishment of this voyage marked that the way of “Trade Market Purchases” has been successfully integrated with the new western land-sea corridor. Up to now, NO BARRIERS for China’s southerly international trade corridor by“Market Trade Purchases mode .


This batch of goods, totally valued about 1.03 million RMB, included Chinese wolfberries, Chinese-dates, furniture and other small commodities all “Made in Sichuan”, were exported by Chengdu Yuqingtang Business & Trade Co., Ltd, one of the stores of Chengdu International Business & Trade City, purchased by a Singapore company and transported by Chengdu Pan-Asia International Freight Forwarding Company.


Finished the Customs clearance procedure, this batch of goods took the train from Chengdu to Qingzhou, arrived at the railway center stage of Port Qingzhou on August 17 and accomplished the transit procedure at Qingzhou Bonded Port Area on August 19, then departed from Port Qingzhou to Singapore by a PACIFIC INTERNATIONAL LINES freighter and finally arrived at Port Singapore on August 28.


It only took about 11 DAYS for this voyage. Before that, goods exported to South East Asia from Sichuan must be transported by train or highway to Shanghai and other coastal cities of China by the domestic trade companies, and then forwarded by freighter to Singapore. But now all “Made in Sichuan” goods can directly finish Customs Clearance by the way of foreign trade. New export access to South East market has been opened to the Chinese business firms and new points of profit increased.


Chengdu, it’s not just the PANDA, BUT the whole world!


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