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2018 Chengdu Supply Chain Logistics Exhibition grand was opening

On November 28, 2018, the 2018 China (Chengdu) International Supply Chain and Logistics Technology and Equipment Expo, hosted by Beijing Beichen Exhibition Group and Chengdu Beichen Zhongjin Exhibition Co., Ltd., Chengdu Port and Logistics Office and Chengdu Expo Bureau Chengdu Century City New International Convention and Exhibition Center was grandly opened.
Liu Xingjun, deputy secretary general of Chengdu Municipal Government, Zhou Wei, chief engineer of the Ministry of Communications, and Huo Yuzhen, special ambassador of China-Central and Eastern Europe Cooperation for Foreign Affairs, delivered speeches at the opening ceremony, and Secretary-General of China-Central and Eastern Europe “16+1” Logistics Cooperation Secretariat Deli Mardupas, former director of the Department of Circulation Development of the Ministry of Commerce, Xiang Xin, and the National Development and Reform Commission Comprehensive Transportation Research Institute, China Warehousing and Distribution Association, China Air Transport Association, China Port Association, China Highway Society, Inter-Caspian International Transportation The association, the AU Social Economic and Cultural Council and other Chinese and foreign professional associations and institutions responsible for the opening ceremony, Chengdu Customs, Chengdu Railway Bureau, provincial government port logistics office, provincial airport group and municipal government related units and related districts (cities) counties The logistics management committee (centre) and other institutions sent relevant representatives to participate in the conference.
As the largest and most internationalized supply chain and logistics professional exhibition in western China, this fair has attracted a lot of attention from well-known domestic and international supply chains, cross-border e-commerce and logistics technology equipment companies, with an exhibition area of 15,000 square meters.Attracted 27 companies from Russia, Germany, Kazakhstan, Belarus, Mongolia, Japan, Sweden, Vietnam, Austria, Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Slovenia, Croatia and other countries and regions along the “Belt and Road”.There are as many as 110 exhibitors. These include UTLC ERA, RTSB GmbH, Belarusian Railways Corporation, RZD Logistics, Lithuanian railways, Lithuanian Post, Lithuanian Klaipeda Port, Latvia Railway Corporation, Riga Airport in Latvia, KTZE, Stena Line, Middle Corridor and Chengdu International Railway Port Investment Development Co., Ltd., Truck Help, Sichuan Airport Group Co., Ltd., Sichuan Chuanhang Logistics Co., Ltd., Jingdong Logistics, Suning Logistics, Goodman Group, Ground Rail, Deppon Logistics, Zhongtong Express, G7 Smart Logistics Network, Xindi Logistics and so on.The exhibitors at home and abroad debuted on the same stage to showcase the advanced technologies, products and services in the field of supply chain logistics. The frontier design concepts and intelligent industrial processes presented by the exhibitors were praised by all the guests.
At the same time, in order to promote trade cooperation between China and Europe and the countries along the “Belt and Road”, this year's Expo will host the International Forum on the Belt and Road and the China-EU Multimodal Transport, the 2018CAWD Council (closed meeting), the 2018CAWD Entrepreneur Annual Meeting, and the second The China-Central and Eastern Europe Logistics Cooperation Secretariat Liaison Conference, China Air Cargo Forum, the Belt and Road Supply Chain Hub City Construction Forum, and the International Conference on Trans-Eurasian International Transport Lines and other high-end summits in more than ten fields, Providing an unprecedented technical feast for the audience.During the period, there were both senior executives' strength speeches and in-depth discussions and exchanges between Chinese and foreign companies. The goals were the same, and they sought common ideas for the “One Belt, One Road” and even the global intelligent logistics industry chain. Undoubtedly, the success of the above activities has played a positive role in expanding the influence and future development of the Chengdu Supply Chain and Logistics Expo at home and abroad.
Li Wei, deputy director of the Comprehensive Research Institute of the Planning and Research Institute of the Ministry of Transport, Li Junwei, general manager of the marketing department of China International Air Cargo Co., Ltd., UTLC ERA President of Russia Eurasian Railway Logistics Co., Ltd. Alexei Glom, chief of the Belarusian Railway Company Executive Officer Ai Tu·Bangle, the CEO of Poland's HATRANS Logistics Company, Thomas Gelzerac, and other industry executives, all delivered wonderful speeches in their respective fields of expertise.