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China (Chengdu) International Supply Chain and Smart Logistics Expo 2018

China (Chengdu) International Supply Chain and Smart Logistics Expo 2018 Project Promotion Conference was successfully held in Rong
News source: China (Chengdu) International Supply Chain and Smart Logistics Exhibition
On the afternoon of August 29th, China (Chengdu) International Supply Chain and Smart Logistics Expo 2018 project briefing was held at the Days Hotel Chengdu Dading. The relevant leaders and representatives of Chengdu Logistics Office, Chengdu Expo Bureau, Beichen Exhibition Group and Chengdu Logistics Park Management Committee attended the event.

The project briefing session also invited relevant officials from Jingdong, Suning, SF, Debon, ProLogis, Ambow, Baowan Logistics, Sinotrans, Truck Help, China Railway Express, Kerry Chase and other well-known logistics companies to attend. A total of two hundred people.
Mr. Zhang Tingyou, Director of the Chengdu Port and Logistics Office, presided over the meeting.

Ms. Meng Haijun, the representative of the exhibition organizer Beichen Exhibition Group, gave a speech on the layout of Beichen Exhibition, Chengdu, developing the western supply chain and logistics market, serving the industry and enterprises, providing high-value trade platform for exhibitors and professional visitors. .Ms. Meng Haijun also introduced that the exhibition will have a number of international and professional conference forums held at the same time, which will greatly enrich the content of the event and enhance communication and interaction between industries.
Mr. Jia Bofei, the representative of the exhibition organizer Beichen Exhibition Group, gave a detailed introduction to the organization preparation work of China (Chengdu) International Supply Chain and Smart Logistics Expo 2018,The organizer aims to meet the needs of customers, based on its own resources, and carries out pragmatic and efficient work to promote the perfect connection between the supply and demand sides.
At present, the exhibition has received a lot of attention from many foreign railway transportation companies and multimodal transport companies, and the companies plans to participate in the exhibition. It will provide more comprehensive and in-depth trade for domestic and foreign enterprises at the level of cross-border transportation and international freight cooperation opportunities.i
At the level of promotion and audience invitation, the organizer uses big data marketing and other means to achieve targeted marketing of targeted customers. In the broad coverage, targeted marketing of differentiated customers to enhance the industry audience. The focus is on enhancing the participation of industry-related companies.

Subsequently, Mr. He Lei, Secretary General of Chengdu Logistics Association, participated in global logistics cooperation and competition with Chengdu local logistics enterprises, demonstrated the logistics power of Chengdu, comprehensively improved the modernization level of Chengdu logistics, accelerated the construction of Chengdu new logistics economy, and actively integrated into the national “Belt and Road” "Strategy, and he hope that all enterprises and relevant institutions will actively participate in the exhibition, participate in the meeting, and form a joint effort.
Finally, Mr. Liu Shuguo, member of the party group and deputy director of the Chengdu Logistics Office, explained the importance of the company's participation in the event from the perspective of the competent department. Promoting the development of modern supply chain is a major deployment and work requirement made by the Chengdu Municipal Committee and the Municipal Government at the city's industrial development conference and new economic development conference. It is an important measure to promote industrial organization innovation and promote supply-side structural reform. It is an important starting point for the development of service production, the ability to consume and the promotion of quality, cost reduction and efficiency.
The Third Plenary Session of the Eleventh Central Committee of the Sichuan Provincial Committee and the Third Plenary Session of the 13th Chengdu Municipal Committee made a decision to comprehensively promote high-quality development, and proposed "focusing on improving the capacity of the portal hub, focusing on building Tianfu International Airport and Qingbaijiang International Railway Port, and accelerating The important deployment of building an international integrated transportation and communication hub.
Accelerating the development of a new round of modern logistics industry has been put on the important agenda of the provincial party committee and the provincial government.
With the theme of “International Supply Chain”, the Expo is mainly represented by logistics technology and equipment, and has obtained many railway organization and logistics industry institutions and enterprises along the “Belt and Road” countries, logistics industry and logistics associations in western China with High attention and active support. The logistics enterprises in Chengdu must do a good job in the responsibility of this exhibition, do a good job in the exhibition, and be a good host.

After the meeting, the organizers exchanged ideas with relevant business representatives to gain an in-depth understanding of the needs and pain points of the company. This also became the basis for further improvement of the related work at the exhibition. According to the needs of the company, it provided diversified solutions to help the company better. Conducting business, finding customers, and achieving cooperation have further highlighted the aggregation and platform effects of the exhibition.
China (Chengdu) International Supply Chain and Smart Logistics Expo 2018 will be held at the New Century International Convention and Exhibition Center on November 28-30. It is believed that this event will attract the enthusiastic participation of relevant enterprises in the western region and the wider region. . Please visit the website of the official website of the exhibition, or pay attention to the WeChat public number of the exhibition to learn more about the exhibition.
Focus on the Sine-Eu train and Sino-South Asia Train, lets meet on the yearly industry events in November, Chengdu  International Supply Chain and Smart Logistics Expo.
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