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Exhibiting is worthwhile

5 KeyReasons to Attend

1. An exhibition area of 35,000m2,an event of logistics exhibition industry, a flagship exhibition of china western logistics



17 th CITLE, being as an outstanding communication platform for industrial chain purchase of transport and logistics industry, which play a leading role and enjoys technologies and prospective applications, will bring exhibitors more opportunities.


2. Joined by 400 leading enterprises at home and abroad, fully showing the power of China’s logistics.



About 400 leading enterprises which are quite famous in the field of logistics service, including COSCO, DLP, ABUS, AIRCHINA,COSCO, SINATRANS.


3. 20,000 professional buyers, enterprises of logistics supply chain and manufacturing companies will be invited.


Based on the data resources of logistics industry chain and advantage of media (China Logistics Times) gained by CITLE. ASG will invite professional audiences in full swing in the way of online and offline. Meanwhile, the users of industry chain will be one-to-one invited via telephone invitation service in call center. Before the expo, the invited audiences will be confirmed again, if yes, entry tickets, exhibition certification and bar code will be sent via various channels.


4. 3,000 representatives will have discussions on the topics and deep communication.



During CITLE, CILW (China International Logistics Week) will also be organized, including some special events like City Logistics Meeting, Logistics  Investment and Financing Meeting and Cold Chain Logistics Forum etc, by which critical  buyers in logistics industry will be attracted.


5. China's State Council has designated Chengdu as the country's western center of logistics, commerce, finance, science and technology, as well as a hub for transportation and communication.



Chengdu is the hub sport of Western China, the start pot of China-EU Express Rail way. Chengdu also is considered as a bridgehead connecting western China and Easter China. Chengdu makes a great difference to the economic development in western area, that is its radiation area is about 1.3 million m2 and the population involved is more than 0.2 billion.